Experimentation Session: Video Mixing/Synthesis

Ed Video has acquired some new video mixing toys! Come by the studio from 6:30-8pm on November 19th for a free experimentation session with our new video synthesis and mixing equipment. New video mixing/synthesis gadgets: LZX Vidiot: Standalone Video Synth The LZX Industries Vidiot is a complete instrument for analog video synthesis and processing. Use the Vidiot to generate live experimental video using only analog circuitry. The Vidiot can also accept composite video input from a camera or other source for signal processing, or an audio input for reactive imagery. The Vidiot is a video instrument made for experimenting. BPMC Modified AVE-5 Video Mixer The Modified WJ-AVE5 allows you to transition between two independently glitching channels of composite video in response to subtle human touch, contro voltage, knobs, audio or a magnetic patchbay. The modified WJ-AVE5 is a two channel NTSC composite video mixer with added digital corruption functionality. Glitch visuals include a number of digital fragmentation FX specific to the AVE3/5/7 FX buffer. Roland V1-HD Digital Video Switcher The Roland V1-HD Switcher features four HDMI inputs providing the ability to mix between two channels of video. The easy to use interface can be supplemented with computer control via the V-1HDRCS software. This switcher features a wide array of transitions and effects, as well as a robust audio mixer. Perfect for live mixing, editing, and performance.

Event Properties

Event Date 11-19-2019 6:30 pm
Event End Date & Time (24 hour) 11-30-2019
Individual Price Free to Members, $35 for non-Members
Ed Video Media Arts Centre
404 York Road
Ed Video Media Arts Centre
Categories Workshops, Courses, Camps,Interactive,Multi-Arts Event,New Media,Visual Art
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