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Thursday, June 27, 2019
12:00 am

Bubblegum Landscapes Exhibition by Frances Hahn

Elora Centre for the Arts

Summer exhibition recalls whimsical memories from childhood: supported by women in the community to help promote female artists HARRIS GALLERY June 27 –September 15, 2019 Frances Hahn doesn’t attempt to paint a clear representation of a given landscape but takes from both reality and her best wondering about the place. She assembles these much like a puzzle into a simplified interpretation of beauty. While her visual work is either figurative or abstract landscape, the common subject is imagined memory. Future, past and fantasy have equal weight. In this vision, figures are simplified or distorted in order to emphasize gesture as if in a memory. Frances Hahn is perhaps best known for her figurative collection of work featuring people blowing large bubbles out of bubblegum. Recently Frances has been exploring abstract landscape and this exhibition primarily celebrates her new work. “All my dreams fall and form a bridge of memory where I can get back.” – Frances Hahn. Special thank you to the women in our community who attended the BLACK DRESS EVENT this past winter for their generous donation to help present this exhibition and support local female artists.
12:00 am

Fabric of Memory: Perforations and Passages in Printmaking & Fibre Arts

Elora Centre for the Arts

Print & Textile exhibition explores the value of nostalgia vs. function, Elora Mill is presenting sponsor MINAROVICH GALLERY Fabric of Memory: Perforations and Passages in Printmaking and Fibre Arts June 27 –September 15, 2019 | Opening Reception Thursday June 27 from 7 – 9 PM Themes of tradition and nostalgia intersect in this collaborative exhibition featuring the work of Toronto artist Pam Lobb and Guelph artist Tammy Ratcliff. In Fabric of Memory both artists are using print and textiles to explore narratives of memory that develop through the deconstructing, editing and reconstructing of materials. The women investigate the notion of trading in the functional value of “things” for the more sentimental vale of nostalgia. Pam Lobb works from a regional perspective, collecting handmade textiles from Huron and Perth counties. She uses both handmade papers and a process of pouring paper pulp to encapsulate the textiles. An effect that references porcelain is created by layering a series of monoprints on the surface. The imagery is drawn from Victorian ceramic patterns and in combination with the patterns of the lace, a non-representational portrait of her hometown emerges. Tammy is inspired by the botanical world and its many examples of imperfection and impermanence. From this viewpoint she uses traditional textile techniques to manipulate her etchings and monoprints on handmade paper, creating renditions of functional textile pieces. Items whose utilitarian value might be lessened as they become threadbare and fragile through use are thus transformed into artifacts of shared memories and the passage of time. This exhibition was made possible through the generosity of the Elora Mill. Their commitment to supporting the arts community is invaluable.
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