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Laurie Garbutt

This artist has recently joined and will be updating their profile soon...

Laurie Goodman

More info coming soon...

Laurie McGaw

More info coming soon...

Leonard Walsh

More info coming soon.

Lesley Ord

More info coming soon . . .

Leslie Miles

Whether battling the elements on location or working in the quiet of my studio I keep in mind elements of design as I compose the subject an ...

Lillan Rosendal

this artist has not yet updated their profile...

Lisa Speers

Guelph landscape artist using pastels. Send me an email for commissions & more information or visit my website.

Lise Anne Janis

To be added.

Lucy Cifoni Hughes

As far as I know, I've been an "artist" all my life - incessant creation as a kid carried through up until now, where I am proud to be able ...

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